All workshops are several days. Lunch break and certificate included. All prices p.p. plus VAT

A breath of fresh air · 2days 499,-

In the seminar "A breath of fresh air" you will learn safe handling with the styling tools, it is suitable for make-up and hair beginners, for make-up artists and hairdressers who want to expand and deepen their knowledge and to improve to work more effectively and faster. Tips, tricks and new techniques with different tools of hairdressing styling.

Silicon Valley with Birger Laube · 4days 1175,-

Silicone in professional use for film and TV.
This course is suitable for make-up artists with a completed vocational training.

Photo Booth with Andreas Muenchbach · 2days 499,-

Photo course to get started with the professional handling of camera and light
The workshop is aimed at all interested people who want to get started with professional handling of their photo camera and light, and thereby want to increase the quality of their photography. The course is also suitable for professionals from advertising, graphics and media design who want to do their work with their own photos and want to enrich and are looking for the right entry into photography.

Working with Bondo Transfers · 2days 559,-

In this seminar you will learn an established procedure for the creation of artificial prosthetics. The entire process from modelling to mould making for the bondo transfer is explained. You benefit from the many years of experience of professional make-up artists. You will receive valuable tips and tricks for an optimal end product for HD recording. The course is aimed at professionals, young professionals and hobbyists, e.g. larpers and cosplayers.

Wounds and scars with encapsulated silicone · 2days 579,-

In this seminar you will learn how to produce artificial prosthetics using silicone. Using examples and your own practice, you will learn all steps from modelling to mould making to the finished prosthetics. The course is aimed at professionals, young professionals as well as hobbyists, e.g. larpers and cosplayers.

SFX out of the kitchen · 2days 499,-

The first seminar in Hamburg for "Low budget wounds". This course is suitable for make-up artists, staff in medical simulation centres, rescue services, fire brigade and civil protection schools, also role players or simply interested persons.

Face and Color correcting Makeup · 2days 579,-

Interesting for newcomers in the hair and makeup portfolio, for hairdressers and make-up artists who want to use their knowledge and would like to expand and deepen. New makeup techniques for the modern look.

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