Photo booth with Andreas Muenchbach - Basics portrait 01

Andreas Munechbach Lecturer Andreas Munechbach
Assisted by Carmen Botermann

Two days workshop · €499 plus VAT

Topics of the workshop
The camera Best image quality thanks to the right settings
Manual exposure and image composition with time and aperture
Depth of field, sharpness, and motion blur
ISO and white balance
Light Daylight, artificial light, flash
Light colour, light quality, light guidance
Studio flash, light shapers and reflectors
The setup tripod, background, setup, props
You need: Camera
If available, interchangeable lenses, tripod and camera flash.
A laptop to download your own photos, if available.

9:00 am Kick-off, welcome and introduction
Introduction to photography
9:30 am The Camera - Introduction to Digital Photography.
Explanation of the different camera types, sensor sizes and data formats.
The lens - focal length, light intensity and construction.
Manual exposure, image composition with time and aperture.
Design with depth of field and motion blur. Metering, exposure with the camera.
The right exposure, ISO value, white balance, image style.
The right autofocus mode for every situation. Explanation of all professional camera settings.
12:00 The Light
Working with different light sources: Daylight, artificial light, flashlight.
Light colour and light quality. Work with reflectors and light shapers. Filtering of various light sources with your own camera.
2:00 pm Exercises for safe handling of your own camera. We train manual exposure and control over time and aperture.
Depth of field and white balance are available in different Setup demonstrated and tried out yourself.

9:00 am Photo practice
Basics of light guidance
Main light and brightening, light direction and light quality. Work with various reflectors and light shapers. Setting up a setup.
11:00 am Portrait shooting with artificial, flash and daylight.
2:00 pm Still Life, product shooting with artificial, flash and daylight.
Conclusion with a short discussion of the resulting photos and answering the open questions. Tips & tricks for image editing.

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