New look + basics movie/tv/photo: Face and color - correcting

Anja Kollo Lecturer Anja Kollo
Assisted by Carmen Botermann

Two days workshop · €579 plus VAT

Day 1
8-12 o'clock Theory: Face shapes
Detect and optimize Light - dark, Oval in oval, Mirror and axis symmetry
Eyebrows, Eye shapes, Emotional and rational side
Color theory: Goethe color wheel, Color Correcting, Skin undertone: Light-Medium-Dark, Cold/warm, Recognising-mixing-working
Rouge freshness and emphasis

Lunch break

1-2 pm Demo on the model
2-4:30 pm Working together: Conscious, plan-based make-up
Skin preparation; Shaping eyebrows; Optimize eye shape; Lips

Day 2
8-12 o'clock practical work on the model
Special attention: Color correcting; Skin tone; Rouge

Lunch break

1-4:30 pm practical work on the model
Special attention: Eye makeup; Lips

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